How can I retrieve lost text messages from a rooted DEFY XT?


has " ANYONE " had ANY luck with retrieving " lost " data [ text from motorola defy XT ’ rooted ’ ] phones … I have one previously on republic that has / had text messages that I NEED … for tax purpose…{ kingo rooted } reply to (personal info reacted)


Just want to draw this to the attention of a couple of folks who are likely to know if there are any options for you here (other than expensive forensic data retrieval companies): @bitflung, @rolandh

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ooo, . sorry to say that I’ve never recovered files from the internal memory (where texts would have been stored).

hunting around briefly I see some positive feedback for this app:

looks like it will charge you for recovery, though I don’t know how much.

can you describe the situation any further?

  • when were the messages lost/deleted? (much runtime since deletion will reduce the odds that anything can recovery the texts)
  • has the device been used much since the deletion? (new messages arriving would be stored to the same database you want to recover)
  • how were they lost? (just deleted from the app, or a factory reset, or…?)

I’ll keep looking for something here, but you should be prepared for the worst case scenario. sorry.



NOT deleted … UNUSED [ disavowed for use by republic … HAD to replace … } available / view able messages NOT what I need … Missing text messages disappeared from accessibility during / following low power battery swap … rooted using kingo root defy xt was disavowed for use when republic went from 3g to 4g … 3g phones would no longer work after july 2016


Just reviewed ’ quote ’ from krollOntrack … $850.00 total …how ludicrous not recent quote


Hi @bubbaliscous,

I think the Community is having trouble understanding what it is you’re trying to do. For example, we don’t know what a disavowed text message is.

This is not correct.
We still support activated DEFY XTs, and we still support the Moto E (1st Gen) and Moto G (1st Gen), both of which are 3G phones.

We can no longer activate the DEFY XT, but activated phones continue to be used on our service.


Somehow … at the time … I was led to believe that my defy xt’s would no longer have service after june 2016 OTHERWISE I would NOT have replaced them … I don’t know if this information was by email or chat but I bought and activated my Alcatel A30 because of this information … that republic STILL has defy xt’s in service at this time is a SURPRISE to me …REGARDLESS of that … I am trying to recover " lost " text messages from my unusable defy xt phone


phone has been ’ rooted ’ so I do have ADMINISTRATION privilege but some messages are there but unreadable …


southpaw…no further questions / or replies / or comments …?


I don’t know how old these messages are but they might still be on RW’s server and retrievable with their Republic Anywhere app.


Hi @bubbaliscous,

I’m not able to advise you about steps to take on a rooted phone, since I’ve not rooted anything other than a non-RW LG Optimus, and even then, I just dabbled to remove some bloatware. I have no experience in data recovery.

I’m still not understanding how the text messages are “lost.” Whenever I’ve deactivated a phone, the text history remains visible, unless the phone has been factory reset. If the messaging database was corrupted during the battery swap, it doesn’t seem likely you have much hope for recovery.

You might try asking on, since that seems to be a place where more advanced Android users with experience in rooting hang out.

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