How can I see my data usage history?

I want to see how much data I have used in the past year or so.

Hi @amyo.2wr1xu,

I’m sorry no one has answered you. We don’t have this information available in the account portal, but if you open a Help Ticket our staff can review your data usage history with you.

Sometimes the history available to us does not go back a full year, though.

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Carl did reply.

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OK, for your current plan there is no lower level of data. If you want to have any cellular data at all for things like Google searching, e-mail, social media apps, voice guided navigation, then you have the cheapest plan. You can check your actual data history on the phone itself:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Data Usage
  3. Tap Cellular Data Usage
  4. If the date range at the top doesn’t start on your monthly billing date, tap the gear icon next to it, then tap Billing Cycle, and set your billing date there, then go back to the cellular data usage page.
  5. Now you can tap the date range at the top and select earlier periods to see the full amount of data used in prior months. Note that this data usage reporting includes “free data” that doesn’t count against your 1 GB total, such as data used for texting.
    I let him know that he was helpful.
    Thank you.
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Hi @amyo.2wr1xu,

Thanks for letting us know that checking the data in the Android Settings app was a solution for you. If you’ve kept the same phone over the last year and haven’t factory reset the phone, that’s definitely a way to see your data usage.

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