How can I send money to someone without VenMo or Google Pay?

I have a Moto G6. I need to send money to someone every month. My phone doesn’t have NFC and Republic doesn’t support VenMo… what other ways can I send them the funds, hopefully without having to pay a sizable fee?

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I use PayPal. It does require the other party to have PayPal. Accounts are free and I’ve never run into fees.

I’ve also used gift cards. For example, I use Amazon a lot so sometimes I’ve had people buy an Amazon gift card for me as payment. This is probably not realistic in most situations.

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Hi Gina… Just to be clear, Venmo won’t allow Republic numbers, that’s simply a policy on their part. Republic doesn’t do anything that would prevent Venmo from working.

Google Pay works fine for person-to-person payments, without any need for NFC.

All that said, I’ve also used the Cash App and PayPal for person-to-person payments with my Republic phone…

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