How can I silence notifications during a phone call?


On a Moto E4, is there a way to silence notifications during a phone call? If I get a text while in a call the phone will vibrate, which is quite loud to both myself and the person on the other end. This is obviously a problem during important calls.

From an internet search it looks like many other android phones have ways to do this, but I can’t find it for the Moto E. I’m running Android 7.1.1.



You could write a macro to do that:


I looked at my Moto running 7.0 earlier and it appears unless “there’s an app for that” you’ll need to check apps to see if silencing during calls is available.

Tested my phone while making a call and the Textra app Custom Notification settings prevent the specific problem you mentioned.


Thanks! MacroDroid did the trick. Not having this in the system settings somewhere seems to me like a huge oversight.


You could save someone the legwork and post a screenshot of your Macrodroid program … could be a great help to community users


Sure! Here’s what I did. Once a call starts, turn on do not disturb mode; once the call ends, turn it off.


Excellent … thanks for the contribution to the community
(I will take the liberty to edit the Title)


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