How can I stop Motorola Notification app from devouring cell data on Moto G4 Plus?


I had an issue that came to my attention a few days ago that my 1 gig plan was almost completely consumed 7 days into my monthly coverage. After looking at the republic app it showed on mar 31st that an app called Motorola Notification used 95% of my cell data. I have a new Moto G4 Plus phone and have had a Moto X 1st gen and never had an issue like this.

I reached out to RW and sent screen grabs of the data usage and the app sometimes is identified as MotoRola Checkin and today its showed that on the day of the spike that Motorola Notification was the offender at 95% data usage that day.

They have credited me $10 and instructed me to upgrade to the 2GB plan for this period.

Then asked me to reach out to the community for help in stopping this app from getting piggy again.

Here is the RW reply

***"As for preventing this from happening again, because it was a really odd anomaly with a Motorola Process, the only information that you might find helpful would be this Community Resource on Optimizing Apps for WiFi. ***

***… ***

***The idea would be to prevent that App from doing anything over your Data Network, which maybe other some Community Discussions might have more information on." ***

I have a Moto G4 Plus phone and want to see if I can turn off that app so it doesnt do this again. That community link that they sent didnt cover the Motorola apps specifically and I could use some help here. Can I shut that app from getting access? Are there other apps like this I also should disable?




Hi @seang.1fdd18,

I do not have a Moto G4 Plus. I do have a Moto X Pure and see the apps you reference on my phone. You could try restricting background data use as follows:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Tap More (three stacked dots upper right).
  4. Tap Show system.
  5. Scroll to, than tap Motorola Checkin.
  6. Tap Data usage.
  7. Toggle Restrict app background data on.
  8. You’ll be warned doing so might cause undesirable behavior, though there’s no way to know ahead of time what that might be.
  9. No need to do so for Motorola Notification as restricting app background data for Motorola Checkin does so for Motorola Notification and possibly other things as well.

All of that said, on my phone these apps use paltry amounts of data. Something (I don’t know what) caused your phone to behave vastly differently. You might reach out to Motorola about that: Live Chat. There’s a reason it takes extra steps to see system level apps and I’m not so sure restricting access to cell data for these apps is the best approach.


Did you possibly upgrade your phone to Android N while on cell? The time-frame works.


Thanks to you both Roland and Sean,

Unless others chime in who have had a similar experience, I think checking with Motorola is my next step as Roland suggests. I couldnt say for certain Sean, somehow there might have been a Nougat upgrade on cell, but I will definitely double check in the future before system upgrading to make sure I am on wifi!


Hi Sean:

Same exact situation occurred on my wife’s phone and it has consumed most of her 1 G of data. Did you ever get a final solution?



Hey J, so far I havent reached out to Motorola since I have not had the issue happen again. If it was only one day that it spiked for your wife, maybe seanr’s thought might be true and that the system update may have occurred while on cell vs wifi. Did she have her phones OS upgrade recently?

If it happens again to me Ill be back on the hunt for a solution.



Hi @dianeh.zo8tvd

I think something big updated while not connected to wifi.

Do you see what the @sean’s see?.

Please open a ticket and explain what happened.


Thanks Sean. I spoke with my wife and she said that she was getting notified to update at her work (not connected to wifi) so she decided to update. So, that’s probably what consumed her data. It’s just interesting that the exact same thing, same day, happened to you. I’ll continue to monitor the issue.



Yep, pretty much the same.