How can I stop my android from optimizing apps. Its going on 24 hrs of continuous optimizing over and over

My phone started optimizing last night from 1-159…it just keeps doing it over and over and will not stop. I cannot use the phone. Very frustrated!


Here is an answer that has worked for many of us (supplied by @billg)

What’s the solutions? The reply above says their providing one, but then I don’t see it.

looks like the linked died during the transfer to the new forum
the solution is

  • to unplug the phone before powering it backup


  • if must have phone plugged i then to press the power button for 2 seconds before releasing the screen will be blank for about 30 seconds then boot up without the optimizing apps


  • lastly don’t let the phone completely discharge before recharging ( I personally try not to let it go below 30%)

here the link that didn’t make it ti the new forum


We’ve tried all of that and none of it seems to work. I’ve tried the two second power hold (while unplugged) and have even done the factory reset, but it still goes back to optimizing apps over and over again.

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