How can I transfer all my phone information from my Moto X to my new Moto X Pure Edition

I have tried Phone Copier app and Copy My Data app but haven’t had any success. Maybe, I have been doing it wrong but it hasn’t worked.

Is there something in particular you are trying to transfer? You should already have your contacts, calendar and photos. There is always the middle-device (PC via USB) solution.

I don’t have anything but contacts on my phone I want all other apps,calendar, text messages, email. And everything else that is on my phone. I have apps that came on my Moto X Pure Edition but not apps that I installed.

Hi @daneeng

When I received my Moto Pure it had not been upgraded to Marshmallow, so I was able to use Motorola Migrate . Unfortunately, that option is not available on the 6.0 OS(Marshmallow), so if the Pure is running 6.0 that is not an option.

As @billg suggested, if you allow Google to backup your Contacts, Calander, Apps, etc., on the X1(2), it will repopulate that data when you sign into Google on the MXP(Pure).

For SMS(text) messages, you will need a third-party app to save them. I used SMS Backup & Restore - Android Apps on Google Play recently when I reactivated the MXP and saved the file to Google Drive so I could move them from the X2 to the MXP.

Hope this helps, and please feel free to respond if you would like some more assistance in making the switch.

Is the data you want associated with Gmail or some other mail provider? Did you just activate the phone? It does take a little while for Google to synchronize everything. With respect to your text message threads, if you really need them use the app @c1tobor mentioned. I delete my messaging threads regularly so they aren’t important to me.

You can go to the Play Store where you will find the apps you had installed on your Moto X. It just takes a little while to put them on the Pure.

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