How can I use my phone in the Cayman Islands in areas where WiFi is not available?

I am traveling to the Cayman islands and am wondering how (if) I will be able to use my phone in areas that do not have wifi. I I understand that Republic does not have a international calling and data plan.

Primarily, I am hoping to be able to call and send text messages to other people I am traveling with. They are from the US as well but will have international calling and data plans during our vacation.

Can I buy a local SIM card with prepaid minutes? What are my options (if any)?

Thank you!

Tell us what phone you have. The answer is dependant on that.

Moto X Pure

the Moto X Pure like 3.0 phones can use a local SIM, while the Republic SIM is not installed you will lose the WiFi calling to US and Canadian numbers from your Republic number.

International Travel with a Republic Phone

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