How Can I Use The Least Cell Data?

I have Talk & Text on my Moto G4. No data; just talk and text. When I buy a gig of data how can I make sure it isn’t being eaten when I am away from WiFi? If I go to Settings and turn the data off Republic gives me a warning to turn it on to work properly. I don’t care if I miss calls or texts when I’m away from WiFi. I just don’t want my cell data burning until I want to burn it myself. I know I’m not supposed to be charged for roaming, but sometimes I wonder what happened to my data long before the evaporation date.

As the say in North Carolina, “I need some hay-ulp, ya’ll”.

Hi @DeanInDunedin

To keep apps from using cell data until you want them to, you can turn on Data Freeze in the Republic Wireless app… Here is a link to the instructions for that:

How to Enable Data Freeze in the Republic Wireless Application – Republic Help


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