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I am new to Republic and have the $20 month plan with the lowest data plan…I plan to use only wifi , with rerely using data plan. It seems like when I turn off the data it is saying it still needs it for calls/ texting? I have used 65 mg since May 11th I am not sure that is a lot or little… but I don’t use it so not sure how its being used without me realizing it… Thanks for the help in understanding this .


All republic phones use a little data. This being said 65mb is very low. The data needs to be on so the phone can complete operations needed to give you the service seamlessly with voice & text/ I assure you that the phone will not burn through data if the apps are set to not update unless on Wifi.


I have the 1.0 gb. So that should last. Hopfull Thanks for your reply.


You can disable usage by non-system needs by turning off data in the Republic Wireless App, rather than in the Android Settings. The data the system uses for calls/texts isn’t taken out of the data you’ve paid for.

Cell Data and the Republic apps

Okay I have 13 days left and have 958 mg left… I am not sure my 1.0 gb will last the whole month? I do not use data or very rarely… So I need the cell data for phone calls/ and texting? so it never can be all the way off. I do have the usage data access turned off. and cell data settings turned off , so I do not know what I am using it on… ?


how do I do that as I am getting low even with out using data.


calling and text do not used the cell data from your tier (routing a call and text will used data it’s just not counted against your tier amount and will still have access if you run out of data or on the no data plan) one should have both Cell data (also called Mobile Data) and roaming data turn on in the Android settings

to turn off data for all but Republic system open the Republic app and go to the cell data page (the cell bar icon on the upper center of screen)
there a switch to turn off data

if you have 958 MB I highly doubt you will run out as 1 GB = 1024 MB so in the 17 days you have only used 66 MB


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