How do I access previous help tickets?

Yes, I know that they should be available through the customer portal, but they are not, the portal just comes up and says “Our servers are having issues right now. This issue should be resolved shortly. Please wait a moment and try again.” I don’t currently have a ticket to submit but my moms phone is having the same problem mine had previously and it would be fantastic to skip ahead to the solution rather than going back and forth with the help ticket system for more time. I have tried accessing it from 5 browsers over 2 operating systems and 2 devices. I have also cleared the cookies on Vivaldi when I tried accessing them on there. any other ideas on how to fix this problem.

Also, I’ve recently changed my email to leave yahoo and changed my account to use that address, does anyone know if that could be the issue?

Changing email shouldn’t cause the issue. You get the same result when you try this link to access your ticket: ?

yes, I also get the same issue when clicking the link for the previous support tickets in an old email. I wouldn’t complain but it has been at least 3 days where I can not access this system so I’m pretty sure waiting longer will not help.

Hi @alleriodrone,

I’ve fixed the “server issue” on your account. Please log out and log back in and see whether you can now view your ticket history.

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Thank you

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