How do I activate my phone when I still have T-Mobile service?


I currently have T-mobile and my service bill is due. I just got my Moto E4 in the mail from Republic Wireless, do I activate and transfer my phone before I pay my bill with T-mobile and close out that account or do I wait until I have closed the account with T-mobile?



If you want the number at T-Mobile then do not cancel (the process of transferring the number will cancel the line there for you) and if you owe them they could hold the number until paid
You will need to activate the new phone before starting the number port.


Hi @matthewburkley,

Welcome to Republic Wireless!

If you cancel the service with T-Mobile, you will forfeit your number. Only an active number can be moved between providers.

It looks like @drm186 has sent you the link to the instructions to transfer your number once your Republic Wireless phone is activated. Is there anything else we can help you with?


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