How do I activate my Samsung SM-G935U?


I bought a Samsung phone is the same as you asked the same specification which sm- G935U I bought you SIM card and insert the slot when this device says this service is currently not working together, what is the solution

Activate my phone


The Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G935U is compatible. I know because I have one.

If the Republic app isn’t qualifying this model you need to click on Help at the top of this page, open a service ticket, and find out why.

Where did you get this phone? Could it have an invalid MEID?


The company says must change the bulid number, but no one can change the build number


That’s strange. Did you go to settings, about device and check to see if there were any updates available?


yes. i have last updates


Where did you get this S7? Has it been rooted? Was it used in the Nougat Beta?

#7 rooted.


Was it used in the Nougat Beta.Not understand


Some people have beta tested the “Nougat” version of the Android operating system. Nougat on the S7 has not been certified for use with Republic Wireless yet. I’m asking because I’m trying to understand why it has a different build number. I got mine directly from Samsung with the Marshmallow operating system and it compatible. What does it say here:


The same



This is my build number:


I’m not at home now, I do not know my build number

Samsung s7 edge




Sorry, but I’ve been thinking you have the S7 (930U) when you said right up front you have the 935U. I don’t have the Edge. I’ll look to see if their is a specific build number requirement for the Edge and be right back.




I don’t find any mention of a specific build number for the 935U. Some of the other certified models yes, but not your model. At this point all you can do is ask RW for an explanation of why a phone that meets their stated requirements won’t work. Just respond to the service ticket you have open with that question. I’d sure like to know what they say.

Edit: I’m retiring now. I’ll check back in the morning to see if you have made any headway with them.


You got it from ebay? When you first turned it on, did it act like a new phone with prompts/questions, setting up a gmail, etc or did it just turn on to the home menu? I would do a factory reset.


I did everything and I called the company by Samsung told me there is no problem with the phone. The problem in the company Contact


Ok thank you so much


Republic Wireless said Get Samsung galaxy s7 edge SM-G935U factory unlocked and I got on the phone from Ebay according to company specifications and now tell me the phone does not work with republic wireless made me lose money