How do I active my new MotoG6 phone


I do no know what this is


Hi @elmof.w834zu
Follow these instructions!


Hi @elmof.w834zu, welcome to the RW community!

Were you able to activate your new MotoG6 with the instructions provided by @bocephous ?
Do let us know if you have any other questions with your phone or service.


I cannot get the centurylink online service to come on it keeps saying authenticating problem ?


Have you tried to forget the network, then re-add while reentering the password (bad password is the usual issue with that error)

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Thank you


your welcome


I cannot connect to internet?


Hi @elmof.w834zu,

In order for the Community to help you, we’ll need to know quite a few more details.

What phone do you have?
What plan do you have?
Can you connect to the internet on Wi-Fi?
Is this a new problem on a phone that worked well until now?

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please see my reply in your other thread How do I active my new MotoG6 phone


Thanks @drm186, I’ve moved @elmof.w834zu’s posts into a single conversation so we have more context around each of his questions.

@elmof.w834zu have you been able to connect your new phone to your Wi-Fi network?


I have not


You’ll need to confirm your Wi-Fi network’s password and make sure you are selecting that network and entering the password exactly, in order to connect.

If the error is consistently “authentication problem” then the password you are typing does not match that network’s password.

If you’ll let us know more about what is going wrong and what you’ve tried, the Community will be glad to keep trying to help.

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