How do I add data to my plan? The Republic app does not allow me to add data?

how Do I add data to my plan? I cannot do it on the phone as the Republick Ap just shows the green circle of swirling “wait some more”. And NEVEr gets to the setting where I can purchase data

Hi @tomw.hvauln

Are you able to try using the account portal?

To do that, please login to your Republic Wireless account at the following link:

Click the green bar under your phone and then click “Manage my plan”

Note, your phone needs to be on the My Choice plan for this to be an option.

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Hi @tomw.hvauln,

Have you been able to get to the menu in the Republic app that allows you to purchase additional data? You’d need to be on Wi-Fi or in an area with usable data coverage for the app to be able to allow a data purchase.

Please let us know if you need additional help with the matter. Our Help Team can also add data to your account at your request, if the app is not cooperating.

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