How do I add ringtones to moto x4 texting app


I have a Moto X4. I downloaded some ringtones to put into my native (OEM) texting app.

I copied the files to the ringtone folder and they were not visible to select in the texting app. So I copied the files to my Notifications folder, here too they were not visible to select.

I need a loud texting notification, or I don’t hear it. So I downloaded an old school phone ring. It is loud and even jarring when it goes off. Where do I put this thing so I can use it?

thank you members

I only have one upgade to the phone and that is Nova Launcher, if that makes a difference in how it is done.



Hi @live.carcass

Ya I have found finding the correct place to put the tone file into was kinda hard myself. When I added a new tone I did it to both places you mentioned as well. The ringtone folder should be for the calls and the notification folder should be for the rest. Here is something to try tho:

Look at the properties of the sound file you want to use and see what its extensions is. Is it a .wav or something else? You might try renaming it to a .ogg and see if you can see it in the notification folder when you go to change the sounds for you texting app.

Let us know if that helps :slight_smile:



Hi @live.carcass
Download ES File Explorer File Manager
Use that app to find all your files but download ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers to download ringtone & notifications to your phone

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