How do I add someone to a Republic Anywhere conversation?

We have a group of several people in a Republic Anywhere conversation and we want to add another person without having to start over and loose all of the past messages. I can’t seem to find an option to add someone.
Thanks, Norm

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I don’t think this functionality exists in RWA.

One possible workaround is…to temporarily switch to Android Messages, add the new person…accessed from People and Options…and then switch back to RWA for default.

Messages sent while you are on Android Messages will not be synced across your other RWA devices.

You may also want to add your vote here to add this functionality to RWA


Using the workaround I was able to add the contact. However it created a new thread, so I am not sure if people will use the new thread or old one. Sure would be nice feature to add in RA. Not sure it that requires advancing the state of the art?? Thank, Norm

You can make an official suggestion here:

When I follow the link, there is no option to create a post. I am logged
in. Looked all over – very frustrating.

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Hi @normanh.u98r81, I added your post to the thread. When you visit Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread you should simply see a reply button.

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Message an
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