How do I allow google drive access to my phone voicemail?

I have some sentimental voicemails on my Moto X. It appears simple to save to google cloud if I ALLOW google drive access to my device. How do I do that? Here are the simple instructions to save the voicemails but I don’t show the three horizontal bars listed in step 4.

This is what they should look like :menu: and they are right next to the word Recent on the top left.

Update: The key here is to be in the Upload menu… if you just browse to the Recent folder then you are going to see an arrow point left to go back to the main screen of the Drive app


Thanks. I do the first 3 steps: Open Drive. Tap +. Tap Upload. But I do not have the 3 lines. At the top of my menu of left it has “Open from” then “Recent” then "Drive with my gmail ", “Images” “Videos” “Audio” “Downloads. Then a line and then “Drive” and “Gallery”. There is not 3 lines. So the Note says you need to ALLOW Drive to access files on your device”. How do I do that?

Hi @ccmail.6sr4o1,

To properly answer your question, we need to confirm the generation of the Moto X in question? If uncertain, please have a look when signed into your Republic account here:

What is said for the generation under the picture of your Moto X?

Hi @ccmail.6sr4o1,

You’ll notice the Help Article you are referencing is for phones on Republic Wireless app 3.19 or higher. Phones using the former Republic Wireless 2.x app will not be able to use this feature.

Yes my phone is older, a 1st generation Moto X. Is it impossible to save these voicemails from my phone?

Hi @ccmail.6sr4o1,

It is not possible to do so as outlined in Republic’s Help Center article. That process requires version 3.19 or higher of the Republic app, which, in turn, requires a newer Republic compatible phone.

There is another method you might consider. This article may be of interest:


Thank you for your help


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