How do I answer this phone!?


I have a Moto E4 Plus purchased through Republic Wireless. How do I answer this phone? On my other android phone, when it is in sleep mode and a call comes in, the phone rings, screen lights up, and the phone button appears that I slide to the right to answer the call. On this phone when it is in sleep mode, it rings, but nothing lights up. The screen stays black. When I activate the phone, then I have to unlock the screen, hit the phone icon at the bottom, and select Return to phone call in progress, and then slide the phone icon to the right. By then, I’ve usually missed the call. There’s got to be an easier way! What am I missing?


This is the behavior you should see on your E4.

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Here is the Motorola help page:

How do I make and answer calls?

It doesn’t sound as though your phone is working in this manner. Have you tried simply rebooting the phone?



Please check and make sure that in your phone Settings > Notifications > Phone/Dialer that Block all in not enabled. I just verified using a Moto that it will cause your issue.



You are the winner!!! That solved my problem! Thank you so much. Now I can actually use my phone :slight_smile:

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* Kudo & Win! *


Glad to hear it’s working and a simple fix. You’re welcome and enjoy your weekend.


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