How do I backup moto x to computer

I don’t know what else to say - seems like a straightforward question - so I repeat it - How do I backup moto x to a computer (first gen moto x). I want to have the contents of the phone, particularly camera/video and music. What’s the secret formula?

The photos app will backup your photos to Google.

Unless you changed your defaults your Contacts and Calendar are already backed up.

To back up your music (and photos) you can attach your phone to your PC with your micro usb cable. You can copy those entire folders to a folder on your PC.

Try this:

How to Backup Your Entire Android Device to PC

Root access required.

My phone isn’t rooted and I have used this system numerous times since I have had phones that were Ice Cream Sandwich or newer.

How can I confirm if my data, photos, etc. is being backed up?

Go here to find your photos:

go here to find your contacts:

Go here to find your calendar:

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