How do I block a specific person's text messages with Android 5.1 and Moto E (2nd gen)?


all message will be transfer over automatically (it will access the same threads on the phone) as a bonus it will also transfer 30 days worth if you ever update a phone and allow one to text via a computer(Mac, Windows/iOS 10+, Android tablets 5.1+, there also a LINUX beta )


I would add when using Republic Anywhere or Android Messages, one will not see “People & Options” unless the message thread involving the person you wish to block is open.

More details here: How to block unwanted calls and texts.


If I block someone using ANDROID MESSAGES, will the person i block know they are blocked? And can a blocked person be unblocked later?


They will not. It will appear you’re ignoring them.





Hi rolandh-- sorry to bother you, but you seem to know a lot. :slight_smile: is there an app that can block phone calls? “Android Messages” blocks text ( and an updated version of Android Messages blocks both text and calls on my wife’s newer phone, but my older phone seems to have a version of Android Messages that seems to only block text.) And I like Android Messages a lot – and I don’t want whatever call-blocking app I use to override it or become my default text app. Thanks for any help you can give me.



No bother! I second @drm186’s suggestion of Call Blocker Voicemail Blocker though I use the paid version:

I just don’t like ads in my apps but to each their own.


I am already using ANDROID MESSAGES to block text. And I am aware of the “send calls to voicemail” setting. What I want is to not be bothered at all or notified in anyway that this person has called. Presently, voice calls go to voicemail, and then my phone chimes and lets me know, and the call and message are logged at the top of my “recent” calls, which I do not want.


Is there a more expensive version without ads?


Call Blocker Extreme that @rolandh linked to is the ad free version of the Call Voicemail blocker I linked to (and is at the end of the tread I linked to)


it says EXTREME CALL BLOCKER works with Kitkat, Lollipop and Marshmallow. My version of Android is 5.1 - which version is that?


It says that I shouldn’t use any other call blocker at the same time for the same phone number. I have ANDROID MESSAGES blocking this person’s texts. Do I need to disable text-blocking to have voice-blocking work on this app? (I want text and voice and voicemail blocked) Sorry to keep asking so many questions. I am rather a newbie to the smartphone world…


5.1 is a version of Lollipop




text blocking is not the same as call blocking
I would not use the feature of text blocking from Call Voicemail blocker or Extreme call as they requires to make themselves to be the default test app


Thanks. With these “hang up, no voicemail” options on these apps, does this mean that you will hear a ring before it hangs up, or is your phone silent when the person calls and after which they are denied voicemail? What I want is an app that will mute the sound of the ring, and hang up without offering voicemail. I don’t want to know that this person called and I don’t want them to leave voicemail - and it would be really nice if the call was not listed as a missed call either, in my “recent” area.


Hangup no voicemail is an option with either Extreme Call Blocker or Call Blocker Voicemail Blocker. Typically, you will hear one ring. The phone does have to ring before the app can see the Caller ID and hang up. If memory serves correctly, the blocked call will show in the blocking app’s log but not in your Phone app’s call history.




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