How do i block callers on republic?



how to block callers


Hi @richard!

There are a couple of options. The first is to add the number to your contacts, click the three vertical dots, and tap the “send all calls to voicemail” button. The other option is to download a thirdy-party app that hangs up on the number(s) you select or send them to voicemail (search “call blocker” in Google Play). I do wish we had an inbuilt option in Android to just block numbers straight out (like Apple has), but I don’t believe that is currently the case. Hope that helps!

Edit: looks like Nougat (7.0) will have a native feature in the dialer to block spam. So unless you have nougat, I believe you will have to use one of the above ideas.



Understand that you have 2 phone numbers, the one most of us give out to friends & family (and is featured on the home page of your Republic Wireless App) and the 2nd one that is ‘hidden’ and used by Republic for its internal routing.

  • This 2nd nr is usually the source of unwanted calls and is the subject of a blog by @carlh titled How to find your phone’s Sprint number and stop unwanted calls or texts to that number (finding this # may require a bit of searching based on your particular phone type)
  • National Do Not Call Registry
  • Call blocker apps from Google Play
  • It also appears that Nougat will provide additional