How do I Block data usage on specific apps Moto Z play

I had a moto X first gen that I just replaced with a Moto Z play.

on the moto x (lollipop) there was a place in the Republic wireless app to turn on/off data access to any app. I really loved this feature.

The current version of the program is missing this feature.

There is the ability on marshmellow to RESTRICT background data, which does nothing really. I am still able to open the app and it uses data.

There are many apps that will function without data connection but will use data if its available. I don’t want to it to ever use data.

I see that my dads phone has the same set up and is the Samsung J3. this is very frustrating. Anyone have any suggestions?

You can try using one of the no root firewalls. NetGuard seems popular.

How To: Block Individual Apps on Your Android from Accessing The Internet (No Root)

sigh… one answer creates more questions. so apparently now I do not receive incoming calls even on my wifi network.

I chose NoRoot Firewall. I must be blocking something required for me to be able to receive calls. I have the republic wireless app and phone app not restricted…what other apps are required to receive calls?

On my 2.0 plan phone the following are set to always enabled. As you can see there are a few Google items. You may just want to let everything Google through except GMail, books, music, Google Hindi, Google Korean, Google Partner, Google Pinyin, Google News, Google Play Store, Google Text to Speech, and Google+

Android System

Google Account…

Google Play Services

Google Services…

With Republic’s new phones and plans (aka 3.0), Republic has pulled out of the android system and moved into more of an app position. This means that Republic doesn’t have the ability to control a firewall to block usage such as before.

So, for now where Google hasn’t built in more tools, there are other apps which can help control / block data. These apps use a virtual VPN network to direct all data though itself where it is able to block data.

Republic on the other hand relies on a direct connection between the app and Republic’s service. Some VPN apps trip up Republic’s detection of the network. I have bookmarked NoRootFirewall but haven’t tried it yet. Try to see if there is any bypass options for apps but it may be the fact of the VPN re-routing that affecting the call routing.

hmm I have let every thing through that I can think of and it still doesn’t seem to work. and the odd thing is…even when I txt my Republic wireless goes from filled in white (wifi connected) to clear (cell tower) for a brief second…but only if the VPN is active. So I am wondering if both are failing to run properly through my wifi/modem router.

very sad… thought this was a great solution

I just set up my Moto Z play and found I was using lots of cell data at home on wifi! I went to the rw app, went to the settings menu and “unchecked” cell data. When I’m out and want cell data I just turn it back on. Also, “uncheck” everytime your phone has been turned off, this setting will not persist after you turn it back on. It’s working great for not wasting data when I’m at home on wifi, and all calls and texts are going through even when the rw swoopy thing is not white. It is not as efficient as being able to turn off data for specific apps like my old phone, but- oh well.

Before giving up, I would try some of the other no root firewall apps. I would try NetGuard and Opera Max, as both have mentioned before in different treads.

I am in agreement. I loved the old rw app that let me turn off app data to specific apps. The new way sucks because of not being able to turn off apps like HBO Go… I burnt through my whole months data (1GB) watching one movie when I was kicked from my home wifi without knowing… that sucks majorly

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