How do I block spam callers other than through the app and the do not call list?

Anyone know of any methods to block spam callers? I get maybe 2-3 spam calls on average per day and it drives me crazy. I have put my number on the national do not call list, and also have any suspected spam calls set to go to voicemail in the RW app. What else can I do? Something preferably free, if possible.


This is phone model specific, if you have one of the phones listed you can use Call Screening:

The problem that we experience with Spam callers is that they are changing their numbers every time they call. I personally have over 100 phone numbers blocked. They don’t care about the DoNotCallRegistery, in most cases they’re calling from a different country. I’m at a point, if I don’t recognize the number I don’t answer it.

This may actually do more harm than good. Spammers are already breaking the law as robo calls are illegal, scam calls are illegal, etc etc. They’re certainly not deterred by breaking one more law (calling numbers on the do not call). In fact there is evidence that certain spammers use the do not call list as a gigantic list of good numbers to call.

There may be something that Republic can do. If you look in your call logs ( and then under the phone in question select “I Want To” and “View Calls and Messages”) do you see these spam calls shown there? Do note that the log is in UTC which is four hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time.

If you do NOT see the calls there you’ll want to open a ticket and let staff know that you’re getting a bunch of spam calls that do not show in your call log so that they can help.

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