How do I block text msg in the Moto G 4 plus?

I am being harrased by text msg and must know ASAP :how do I block text msg in the Moto G 4 plus?

in Google Messenger has a block sender option (really just archives it but you never see it)

open up the message thread from the contact you want to block

tap the 3 vertical dot menu in the upper right

tap People & options

there will be a block option (with the number being block listed)

If you are receiving messages from some commercial site, collection agency, etc. they might be coming to your underlying T-Mobile or Sprint number, not the main number on your phone. Are these messages coming from a party you are familiar with? If not, they are likely coming to an underlying number previously held by someone else.

If that is the case you can open a service ticket and ask RW to change your underlying number.

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