How do I buy new plans on a multi-line account?

Trying to add a phone to my account with the new plan, and it says:

“Our accounts are capped at two lines. Please visit our support page for more information.”

All I wanted to do was change one of the lines on my existing 4 line account…not an option
So I tried to login into my account and add a line…not an option
I’d have to waste a lot of time during a busy work time to possibly get a new christmas phone… not an option

Come on RW, we can do better than this. I’ll just have to come back and miss out of the phone by Christmas option, because they will be sold out by then.


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The purchase of a new phone would require a new account with the new plans. As for the message you are seeing, the new plans are capped at two lines per account as indicated.

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the new plans only allow 2 lines and both lines needs to be on the same plan (no mismatching plans on same account)

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Grrr. Well, I have to go lead a team meeting for a couple hours I’ll have to come back, and try later. I’ve already got RW accounts tied to both my emails. So not sure what I’ll do about that.

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So I had another “account”, with RW that had been merged into current account. So I thought I could use it since ZERO phones were associated with that login. And its my only other available email.


It let me select the plan and phone even down to the shipping method, then doesn’t allow me to select payment, and gives no indication like the other order attempt did saying “too many phones”, nor does it give any other option… just hangs

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You can, when you’re a small, nimble company.

All that autonomy usually goes out the window when you’re part of a new, large bureaucracy.


This process was documented in the link below.

Changing Plans from a My Choice 4.0 or Lower Plan to a Republic 5.0 Plan (Interim) – Republic Help

Hi @daddydave,

Please don’t feel like you have to rush to get this done. There’s a lot that’s new and different, and you really need to take your time to be sure about this decision.

I was just wanting to get the wife a new phone for Christmas. Somehow both my emails have accounts associated with them (I merged all the 4 lines on my prior 2 accounts into one account years back). So I thought I could use the other one, but it still has an account associated with it, and can’t see how to remove it easily.

I guess I’ll have to wait for the wife to return, and we can order it under her name and email address, and probably the Samsung Galaxy A32 will be gone by then, its cases were already sold out this AM