How do I buy the right phone for the right area?

I will be buying a Moto G5Plus today. I currently live in Iowa, but will be moving to Texas in four months. Both areas appear fine on the coverage map, but do I need to be concerned about the phone’s configuration when it is shipped to me? Thanks.

Iowa and Texas are big States if you could give us ZIP codes we could make a better recommendation on which partner
republic’s coverage checker currently will use the last imputed zip code and chose what it thinks is the better network for that area,

Both Network should be good in Texas (depending on area) I would recommend CDMA in Iowa (as the GSM Partner is mostly roaming there ( this should change with T-Mobile’s the merger with iWireless but no in time for you to see the benefit)

if once you moved and find the carrier assigned to be unsatisfactory you can have the network switch though republic Support (they will send a new SIM)

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Thank you. Iowa zip is 52302. Texas zip is 78667.

Iowa (52302) is definitely CDMA (Sprint) you want as GSM (T-Mobile) is all Roaming
CDMA maps

GSM Maps

in Texas (78667) both have good service (GSM does look to be a bit better)


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