How do I cancel an order or talk to someone?

I order a republic phone on Sunday, January 28th, but I want to cancel since I changed my mind. Please cancel my order.

CAn I speak with a real person?

How do I speak with someone that act my request? It there someone I can call? How does Republic respond to customer requests?

Hi @jacobm.iy3jqr,

We have a support ticket system if you need help from staff. Please know, though, we have no way to cancel an order once it is shipping. We’ll need you to follow our return process, here:

If you need additional assistance, you can open a ticket by logging into:


I bought a phone for a relative who used my debit card to pay their bill. I don’t know their email, but I think the number is ■■■■. I want that phone canceled and to not pay their bill anymore.

Hi @zacharyh.nh9ak6,

It sounds like you lack access to the account in question. If I’m right about that the best course forward is to open a ticket, so Republic staff might help. You’ve posted your question in Republic’s Community forums and while your fellow customers here are able to assist with many things, account specific matters are not among them.

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