How do I cancel and keep my number?


I’ve been trying to cancel and keep my number, but it seems like you can only cancel if you hit “no” you don’t want to keep your number. “Manage account” > “Cancel Service” > “Do you want to keep your number?” > “Yes” and then it’s a dead end. No confirmation you canceled your service!

Parking My Number?

Sorry to hear that you’re wanting to leave Republic Wireless.

This document explains how to transfer your number to a different carrier:

You need to contact the new carrier to initiate the process. You’ll need your account number which is your 10 digit phone number and your pin number. If you haven’t set up a pin number, here are the instructions to do so:

If you don’t want to go with another carrier you can store your number for a small fee:


Thanks for the help. I’ve been with the company for almost 3 years now, in November I got my first smartphone from them. I was actually supposed to get my new phone today (and start with a new carrier) but mailmen/mailwomen apparently have no problems leaving a $200 phone in the front for people in a bad neighborhood to steal while others are out. With Numberbarn, it says it takes 3-10 days to transfer. My replacement phone should arrive this Sunday.


You originate the transfer with your new carrier, not with RW. RW will automatically cancel your service when the transfer occurs.


Ok so wherever I go, I take the number with me to the new carrier? Even if it’s like days later?


I’m so sorry the phone got stolen. I can appreciate your frustration. If you cancel your RW account you may lose the number. You can sit tight and wait for the new phone to arrive or contact the new carrier and see what they suggest. Hopefully someone with experience with this type of situation will chime in. In the meantime you may find this helpful:

You will receive a prorated credit on your account once the number transfer is completed.


Thanks again. I contacted AT&T and they need the IMEI number (to the new phone I don’t have yet). Tricky situation I’m in. I have a lot of service providers (therapists, job coaches, etc. with that phone number).


Let’s be clear, Republic has no control over the policies of the new carrier, but these things are universal:

  1. The line MUST be active in order to take the number with you. (Do NOT cancel, moving the number will automatically).
  2. The new carrier controls and must initiate the process.
  3. Republic does nothing to delay or restrict porting, but your new carrier may or may not accept your Republic number.
  4. Republic does not have any control over the new carrier’s porting policies. Some force you to do it at activation, some will allow it any time.

Finally, I see you mention AT&T. For some reason, they are one of the worst carriers at porting numbers from Republic (only Xfinity Mobile is worse, it seems). You can expect the port to take several days at best, and as long as up to 10 days.


Since your port may take some time to complete, you may want to install the Republic Anywhere on the new phone so you can still get your text messages.


Thanks. I was just billed for another month. Frustrating, but thanks. That was my main concern, being billed for another month.


Hi @mohameda.kt3okq,

Once you’re able to get your Republic number transferred to your new service provider and your Republic service cancels as a result of that, Republic will issue a prorated refund for any portion of the month after cancellation takes effect. Presuming AT&T gets the job done before your next bill cycle, you will not pay for the whole month.


Awesome! Thank you! That’s a fair deal. And for the record, overall, for the three years that I had RW, I was satisfied with you guys and the service your company provided. Of course, there were frustrations, but overall/in totality of the three years, I’ve had good memories with the phone and the service.


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