How do I cancel service

how do I cancel service

Hi Kendall… First to answer your question, can you tell us if you’re taking your number to a new carrier or giving up your number?

Second, is there something that we can help you with that is causing you to want to leave Republic?

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Yes, I will be taking my number with me.

Consumer Cellular is cheaper if I’m buying a large amount of data. Plus, they have actual people you can talk to.

Basically you just need to establish your new service advising them of your current RW phone number. Once your new service is established your number’s service with RW is aromatically canceled.

You don’t want to actively cancel the RW service prior to your number transfer and there’s really no need to follow info in the link below.


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Hi @kendallr.0ct0tl and welcome to the Member Community. If I read your request correctly it looks like you want to keep your RW number and transfer it to Consumer Cellular…not cancel service and lose number.

While @PlaneTherapist is correct about about the basic actions, but I’m kind of a belt and suspender type person, so here’s an RW Help Center article for transferring your number from RW.

This will give you some detailed information you need along with lots of good information in the notes. Recommend you read through this and make sure you understand the steps before proceeding.

Only you can decide the best plan for your data needs. We like RW because we seldom use more than 1GB/mo, and when we need to, we simply add more data when we need it. No continuing overhead paying for data we don’t use. But that’s what works for us YMMV :grinning:

Come back if you have any questions. I’m sure others will jump in if there are others things to consider.

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Hi @freddyp,

Thanks for adding the good link concerning info he new provider will request.


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