How do I change monthly plan?


I’m currently on the Talk & Text Plan ($15.00/mo.). Starting on May 23, when my plan renews, I would like to make Talk & Text + 5GB Data my new Plan and pay yearly ($200.00). How do I do that without switching plan ahead of my renewal date (5/23) and incurring additional charges? Thanks for your help.


Plan change to the yearly pay option will go in to effect on your next billing cycle (monthly billing data increases are instant and reset on billing date, one time data add on and monthly billing data increases are instant and expire on the next billing date)
to enroll in the yearly pay see below (note that for the $200 yearly pay it’s 1 GB plan (10months of $20 ($15+$5)) where a 5GB yearly plan would be $400 (10months of $40 ($15+5x$5)

edit for monthly data plan increases are instant


Hi @henry51 and @drm186,

Plan changes when you are increasing the amount of data happen immediately.

@henry51, if you don’t want to increase your data now, you’d need to upgrade your plan on May 23, then purchase the annual plan so it would go into effect on June 23.

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Upgrade data now vs upgrade data on billing cycle date

For your use case…sounds like you are doing one-time additions of up to 5GB per month.
Unless you are confident that your entire year usage always ranges in 4GB to 5GB per month,
I would recommend parking your monthly plan data at 3GB or 4GB …and then continuing to do
one-time buys of 1 or 2GB of data in the months that you really need it.


I think I want to permanently upgrade to the 1GB of Data. So I will upgrade my plan immediately after RW charges me on May 23 for the Text & Talk ($15.00), pay $5.00 extra for 1GB data, then sign up with the annual plan sometime before June 23. I hope I have this right :slight_smile: Thank you all!

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Yes, that would be the best course of action to achieve the goal you’ve described. Thanks for asking in Community!



this is a good plan, I will note another option as their is still 13 days until your billing data it would also be possible to upgrade tot eh 1GB data plan now and then setup the yearly pay plan for May 23th (it will be spend $5 for a GB that would expire on the 23th but you would start the saving this billing cycle vs next


That would be like spending $5(12.5%) of your $40 savings or more than a month’s savings if the data goes unused. No reason to rush into these things as @southpaw said.



other than giving the user access to data now I will also point out that one will still be spending $5 on data before getting into the yearly plan as that will not kick in til June 23th (I would say it like less than $3 (<7.5%) of the saving now as you will still have more than 10 days with data)


Thank you, Profile - drm186 - Member Community

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