How do I change my Community username?


I haven’t seen any options for changing my username. Is messaging an admin the only way to do it? I’d like my username to be “harts12”.

Moto3g insists on locking
Moto3g insists on locking
Username - how determined & how to change

For five days after creating a Community account, members can change their own username in the profile preferences. After the fifth day, Sean or I must do it.

For a while support was changing usernames, but with the migration to the new Community platform, we move that task back to the Community team and allow the support team to focus on service and phone-related issues.


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You’re @harts12.


I think the official way to change user name is sites admins also have that power @seanr @southpaw



Sorry! When I split this topic from the one in which it was originally posted, I was doing so on my phone and kind of bungled it, so the replies are out of order.

Your response was originally second in this thread, and my explanation about how to change usernames was in reply to you.

(Didn’t want anyone to think you wrote this response after I had already answered!)

I hope we can settle on one way to handle username change requests, and not keep changing the rules on you!


Perhaps if in the Welcome Post we could include the information that you outlined in post 2 above it would have a little more impact?


Either that or start a name change request post like the old JIVE board,


Thank you!


That wouldn’t be a bad idea. At least as a temporary solution.


I do think the computer names are terrible. I still think it would be beneficial the user could self-change their name no more than 2 times. That seems reasonable to me.


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