How Do I Change My Plan on PC

My phone is broken and will not charge, so I am unable to use it. I am financially unable to replace it for the time being, so I don’t want to have to pay for data I am most certainly not using. From everything I’ve read the only way to change my plan is through the app on there phone? Please tell me there is a way to do it from the computer as well. So far I haven’t seen any, and I am finding it incredibly frustrating I cannot easily navigate through services on my account on the computer.

It isn’t possible, but given the situation, please open a ticket: Tickets | Republic Wireless and ask support to help you with this.


Hi @aubriet,

@louisdi has given you the right advice for getting your plan changed. Just to be certain about your phone, though - have you tested other chargers to be sure it’s the phone that is broken, and not the charger?

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Yes I have tried multiple different chargers, and took it into a cell phone repair place, but the cost to fix it, isn’t worth it. I have submitted a help ticket.


Hi @aubriet

Sorry to hear of your device’s demise. Which phone were you using, if you don’t mind?.


Hi, I apologize for my delay, I have not been on my email for some time! My phone was a Moto G 4 Plus

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