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I used to be able to change plans easily for a week or a day or whatever, but now, I can’t seem to find a way to change plans. You’re interface is worthless and confusing. I wish I never upgraded the app. I have tried every pathway available to try to change plans to a more expensive one. You’d think it would be easy for you to take more of my money. This is so frustrating. The interface looks more like a brochure now. I try to change plans, and it tells me the first thing to do is to choose a phone. I ALREADY HAVE A PHONE!!! What is your basic malfunction Republic Wireless? I just want to change plans. I don’t want a sales pitch. I already know what you can do because I’ve been doing it for over two years. I click on a link that says change plans, and it sends me to no man’s land with no way to deliver what it promises. You seriously need to fire all your front end developers and have the back end people design a simple interface without all this frustrating useless gloss. Leave it to a front end developer to turn a simple thing into some useless artsy weirdo design. What’s so hard about providing a simple button that says, “Change Plan” without any other eye candy junk? You should stop hiring right brained artists and just hire left brained utilitarians. Your artists have come up with the most creative way to do nothing.


Good Morning @hollyw.alx8ma,

Plan changes are done using the Republic app on your phone. To do so:

  1. Open the Republic app.
  2. Tap green circle with white plus.
  3. Tap Change Plan.
  4. Sign into your Republic account, if not already signed in.
  5. You should see available plan choices.

Having the same issue when I’m logged in there still plus symbol with the green Republic Circle. I’ve been trying to downgrade my plan ahead of a new billing cycle 2 days ago and was not able to do that. But I was able to add my wife’s newly purchased phone and select a plan. I’ve never had an issue with changing the plan in the past.

what phone and plan do you currently have and what plan are you planing to change to?

Republic Wireless App | Manage_Account

1.0 Republic Wireless 1.0 & Beta Plans | Plan_Changes

2.0 Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund | Change_Your plan

Hi Rolandh Republic Customer Service,

I have had Republic for a long time. I used to feel it was a company trying to help us save money as opposed to all other phone companies.

I just spent an hour trying to hunt down your hidden green change plan button. It seems like your marketing team has probably decided it was a good idea to not label the button so that some percentage of customers would give up searching for the unlabeled button after 15, 30, mins, 1 hr… except that I am not very happy right now that I found the green button here on this link and it has no label… my only conclusion when there is an unlabeled button to change plans… is that it is likely unlabeled on purpose to make it difficult to change plans. So it seems Republic is now more worried about profit like all the rest of the phone companies? If so that’s too bad. Please label the button! And then when I click the green button it comes to a sign in button… that doesn’t work… it just sits there even though i am already signed in… further reinforcing my view that Republic is making the change plan process difficult on purpose… it used to take me 5 secs (switching plans) and now I have spent over an hour trying ot change plans and i still cannot… even after I found the hidden button. And… your customer service links on the website aren’t working… I click them and nothing happens… hmmmm


Hi @jasonm.kckhau,

I’m afraid you have me confused with someone else. Republic’s Community Ambassadors are not Republic customer service. In fact, we are not even employees. We are fellow customers, like yourself, doing our best to help other customers.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulty changing your plan. I just walked through these steps on my phone and was able to successfully do so.

  1. Open the Republic app on your phone.
  2. From the Your Phone Info page (tap the Republic arc icon upper left if you don’t see that page after opening the app), tap green circle with white plus. When I do so on my Moto X Pure, I see labeled options to Change Plan and Customize Voicemail. Depending on your phone, you may see a third choice labeled Change Number.
  3. Tap Change Plan.
  4. You will indeed need to sign into your Republic account, if not already signed in.
  5. You should see available plan choices.

If the above still doesn’t help, I suggest opening a help ticket. You may do that when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help.

I am sorry for the frustration, however, once again I do not have direct control over Republic’s interface design. If you like, I am able to pass your feedback to Republic staff. Additionally, if you’d be kind enough to point me to the links not working, I’ll ask that those be investigated as well.

For what it’s worth, here’s what I see on my phone:

On our 3.0 plan Moto G4, I’ve found that if you login with a sub account and try to change your plan then you are taken to a blank white screen. No notification that you don’t have authorization to change plans.

However, if you login, on that sub account phone, with the original email address and associated password then you’ll be presented with the white screen WITH options of other 3.0 data plans.

The developers missed this one.

It’s essential that they change the response for sub account logins. Give a notice that they have to login with the master account.

Better still, would be for the master account management to have the option of allowing/disallowing each separate sub account user to change their own data plan.

If you could pass this along to the developers, then I would appreciate it!


This DOES NOT WORK! The interface has changed. Feels scammy now.

I have also been a republic customer for YEARS. Never had a problem until now, after I have “upgraded” for a trip where I thought it would help, by the way upgrading did not help.

Not seeing the “arc” or “white plus” as buttons anywhere…Hence, frustration at lack of ability to easily change plans after I’ve “upgraded”…

All of these criticisms are absolutely valid. This interface is awful! I have 5 phones for the family. I upgraded two of them at Christmas and wound up on the 3.0 (I think) plans on those two. When I went to upgrade one of them using the change plans link on my phone, it only displayed the phones that had the same plan as mine. From the above, I gather that I will have to log in from my son’s phone to get him more data. This sucks…

When I get to the change plan page, the only thing that shows up is my CURRENT plan. It does not show me any of the other options. What should I do?

when you tap the current plan it will give you the plan option to may select

That’s not your phone number we can still see greyed out is it? You might want to edit that if it is. :thinking:

There are a couple of possibilities here:

  1. When you tap your plan you get other choices.
  2. You’re signed in with a sub-account that does not have the ability to change plan. You must sign-in as the account owner to see the plans available to you.
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Hi @hannahm3102,

I’ve seen one other person describe what you are describing.

First, do you need me to change your plan for you - are you in an urgent situation?

Second, could you tell us your plan and whether yours is the only plan on the account? Could you share a screenshot?


Holly you share my frustrations. It isn’t easy using Republic when you have to rely on their customers for support.

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No one needs to rely on fellow customers for support. There are numerous means of getting support from Republic directly. Details are here: How to Get Help from Republic Wireless – Republic Help


Hi @haroldb.75v8gl,

We’ve found that our members are quite knowledgeable and do an excellent job of helping one another understand our phones, our service, and our policies.

For issues that require staff assistance, we have a support team available every minute of every day.

Is there something specific we can help you with?

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