How do I change sound of hourly chime on new Moto x4?

How do I change sound of hourly chime on new Moto x4? Apparently by default it is an annoying clang.

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Although I do not have a Moto X4, I have not heard of a feature to chime every hour. Nothing built in the phone should be doing this. Does it happen on the hour, every hour?

You say this is a new phone. Have you restored any of your old apps? Do you use any other clock apps?

Or if it is not from the clock, when the phone chimes, is there a new notification on the top bar (and when you swipe down)? You can change your notification tones in the Settings :settingsicon: menu and you can choose a better sounding beep.


Unless you have a 3rd party clock or alarm app installed that is doing so, there is no system based “hourly chime” akin to that of a watch.

Perhaps you are receiving a notification from an app?

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Hi @careym,

Have you been able to identify the source of your hourly alarm?

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