How do I change the e-mail on a phone?

We have 2 phones but I don’t want information shared between the phones. Will assigning another e-mail to one of the phones solve this problem, and if so, how do I do that?

In Settings, Accounts you can first add a new email account and then delete the one you want to get rid of. The phones work best with Gmail accounts.

Will this impact another phone using that first email account? We have two phones which used the same email account when we activated the phones, but now I want to delete that email account from one of the phones (replacing with a different one). I’m worried if I delete the email account from one of the phones, it will somehow negatively impact that same email account which activated the other phone. Help?

Nevermind! I found the answer elsewhere on this website. The answer is no, it won’t negatively impact the other phone!

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