How do I change to a different iphone

I’ve been using an iPhone 6. Now I have an iPhone 8 Plus I can use. Do I need a new invite or can I just load my latest backup and transfer the SIM card? I’m switching mostly to get more memory.

Hi @itsdean,

I don’t believe a new invite is needed, however in addition to moving the SIM, you will need to install the beta RW app on the newer iPhone via Apple’s TestFlight app. Once done, please try the following:

  1. Open the RW app
  2. Tap the gear icon upper right
  3. Tap Manage Your Device
  4. Enter the IMEI for the iPhone 8 Plus and the ICCID for your SIM, then tap Continue

If needed:



Oddly, to me, that wasn’t needed. Just installing the iPhone 6 backup and the SIM card was enough. The IMEI and ICCID were already correctly populated.

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when I attempt to connect to the world if all is well, but it’s looking good.


Hi @itsdean,

Hmm, that’s interesting. In and of itself, that moving the active SIM from one supported iPhone to another would work doesn’t surprise me. Would you be willing to check something for us?

Please sign into your Republic account here: Does the Device ID shown there match the iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone 6?

The MEID listed is the iPhone 6, not the newer iPhone 8.

Hi @itsdean,

Did you complete the numbered sequence I suggested? It’s my fault for not being more explicit but the rationale for suggesting it is the app would communicate with Republic’s servers and update the information in the account portal.

I do have an old iPhone 6 I could experiment moving service to with but it needs charging first.

Well, I was wrong. The SIM ID was correct but the MEID of the phone was not. I blame dim light and my ‘out of sorts’ brain. I’ve now made the change.


Hi @itsdean, you and @rolandh are correct! When updating your hardware, all you have to do is insert the active SIM into the new phone, install the RW app, sign-in with your account credentials, and update the device ID in the RW app. I confirmed the iPhone 8 is now showing in your account so looks like you’ve done everything correctly. The phone will work just by moving over the SIM card (without updating the device ID), the main issue here is there will be a discrepancy with a mismatched device ID record which could cause some buggy behavior.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!


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