How do I control the ringer volume level on the lock screen of a Samsung J7?

This works on my Moto E4. I simply press the volume keys up or down and I can control the volume levels from the lock screen. How do I do this on a Samsung J7? I cannot seem to find a clear answer on this one.

Hi @josev.4l8fc7,

I’m sorry to see no one has yet taken a shot at your question.

On the Samsung Galaxy J7 in my household the hardware volume buttons work from the lock screen but only if the phone is doing something involving sound. For example, if playing music with the screen locked, the volume buttons work from the lock screen. If the phone isn’t producing sound and it is locked, the volume buttons are inoperable.


Thank you! You’ve confirmed our findings. We thought we were losing our minds here. I appreciate your help with this.


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