How do I copy / transfer files from moto x4 to iMac (10.13.4)?


I understand how google drive works but I’m looking for a phone to computer via usb solution that can copy files to my iMac faster and in one step. I have installed Android file transfer and I get this: “Can’t Access Device Storage - make sure device unlocked and file transfer or MTP mode is selected”. Checking the manual and also the phone settings I cannot find any “file transfer” or “MTP” settings to select. Can anyone help with Android File Transfer or another solution?


You can find step-by-step tutorials from Motorola here:

Select your phone on that page and see the tutorial for Data - Transfer data from phone to computer (Mac).


Thank you cbwahlstrom! For others dealing with this I followed the Motorola tutorial mentioned above and got stuck on step #4 (Photos app would not open automatically as expected). However after completing step 4 I accidentally discovered that the Android File Transfer app would now work to complete the task.


Now I find that the above allows me to use Android file transfer to transfer files from the sim card but not the 64GB micro SD card I have added in order to have more storage space for video. So how do I copy files from the micro SD card directly to the computer?


Hi @bobb,

By design, Android File Transfer should see your phone’s MicroSD card. Here’s what the AFT window looks like on my Mac (also running High Sierra).:

Highlighting the SD card should expose the files on the card rather than internal storage.

I’m curious about something though. If the intent is to transfer pictures and you want those imported to your Mac’s Photos app, it would be better to connect your phone as a camera (PTP). If your Mac’s Photos app doesn’t launch automatically, just launch it manually. If you would prefer the Photos app launch automatically going forward be certain Open Photos for this device is checked:

Finally, if it’s of interest to you, macOS 10.13.5 is available.

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Thanks rolandh I appreciate your help! I understand both file transfer and PTP now.

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