How do I default outgoing calls to cellular and not wifi?


My Moto X first gen phone drops my home wifi connection at least once a minute. In my immediate neighborhood, there are a lot of people vying for too few wifi channels. It’s a pain in the neck, one that I will have to live with until I can upgrade my wifi system and/or get a phone with a better wifi antenna.

How do I set the device so that all outgoing calls use the cell network by default? I don’t want to have to click the handover button every time I make a call. If I forget to do this, inevitably the wifi connection craps out and person I am talking with says, “Hey, are you still there?” or “There was a big dropout while you were talking. What did you say?” It’s incredibly annoying.


If i remember right, the moto x does 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi.
The 5 GHz band is a lot less crowded and has a larger number of non overlapping channels.
If you could force your phone to connect to your router only at 5 GHz, would it help you?
Some access points have a steer feature or you could only set it up on 5GHz and have your phone forget the 2.4 GHz settings.

Republic would like you to use wifi so it’s unlikely that they wold provide a setting to do this.
Tasker may be able to also disable wifi when you are placing/receiving a call and the access point is your house’s but it may not work well at the beginning of the call.


Excellent info, thank you. You’re 100% correct in that my problem lies in the crowded 2.4 GHz band. You are also correct in that the phone does support both 2.4 and 5 GHz. Sadly, my wifi router is an older model and only supports 2.4 GHz, so I’m stuck there until I upgrade, which apparently I will have to do sooner than I wanted to. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help,


With a move to 5Ghz you will find less channel crowding, but it comes at a price as the coverage will be greatly reduced (walls etc that 2.4 can penetrate can be bad).
You may be able to get some improvement just by changing the channel on your 2.4 router. Many vendors set the default channel to 6 causing a crowding. Check out the 2nd numbered step in the Quick Start section of WiFi 1st - Maximize your WiFi/Router - Community Guide for how to info


you can survey the wifi channels with an app like inSSIDer.
There is some overlap between channels so there are effectively only 3 usable ones.
Decent dual band router can be as cheap as $40. e.g. amazon TP-Link AC1200.
I have an asus rtn66 running merlin but just for the wifi, much any dual band router will work.
You can keep using your existing router and use the new one just for 5 GHz (disable dhcp, and 2.4 GHz)


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