How do i delete a photo that won't send

Tried to send a photo by clicking on the cloud to multiple addresses. Phone has been trying to send message for three days. How do I stop or delete the message?

What messaging app are you using?

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Hi @davida.ntdwcw,

Were you able to get that message to stop “sending”? If not, we’re still here waiting to help. Could you tell us whether you’re using the messaging app :messaging:, or messages :messages: or Republic Anywhere :anywhere:?

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Thanks for responding.
The picture was sent after 4 days.

Thanks for folllowing up. If this is an ongoing issue as you try to send other pictures, please let us know.

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Hi @davida.ntdwcw

Just wondering if you made any changes to the Message app you were using or if the “photo sending” issue resolved itself.

This may help others that experience similar problems.

Don’t know what happened. Photo sent after 4 days.

Thanks for checking.

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