How do I delete message in Republic Anywhere Desktop?



In the Republic Anywhere app on the computer, how does one delete messages? ie spam,etc

Republic Anywhere Desktop Update: Version 1.2.12 - 08/10/17

It is not possible to delete from the desktop app, only Archive. Deleting
is only available through the phone app at this time.


Hi @krish.t5tqok,

Just to add for clarity, deleting the unwanted messages on your phone will not also delete them on the desktop app. Anywhere doesn’t sync messages between your phone and the desktop app. Each have a separate connection to Republic’s servers. In addition to deleting them on your phone (if you wish), you’ll need to archive them on the desktop app.


Is it possible to return an archived message to the desktop for viewing? Where and for how long are they stored? Thanks.


archive threads will reappear when new message is added to the thread (either received or sent)


When I try to delete a message thread from my Moto G5 Plus (now synced via Republic Anywhere), it asks if I want to “Set messages as Default SMS.” If I tap yes, this means I lose my Republic Anywhere and revert to Messages permanently?


As an addendum to my message (above), I just joticed that my cellphone Message platform has changed from Republic Anywhere to Messages. Accordingly, it is NOT syncing with my laptop now. How do I change back to Republic Anywhere?-----apologies! I just found my own answer. There are TWO apps, one for each on my cell phone.


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