How do I determine which network my new phone is using

Purchased a new moto g4 plus to replace a moto x 1st gen. Phone arrived with sim not installed. Does this mean I am on the GSM network. How can I tell which network I am on from my phone? I know I have lousy service available with both networks.

Hi @jvalinch!

As recommended by @rolandh, you can download Signal Check Lite and it should get the job done! Here’s a link: SignalCheck Lite - Android Apps on Google Play. Hope that helps!


Hi @jvalinch,

The fact that the SIM wasn’t preinstalled suggests your new phone is provisioned for GSM rather than CDMA coverage.

You can confirm by installing SignalCheck Kit as referenced by @mb2x. SignalCheck Lite will show whose cell towers you are connected to.

Alternatively, you may dial ##786## (don’t hit send) as if you were making a phone call. If nothing happens it’s GSM. If you’re presented with a “SprintDM” menu, well it’s explanatory.

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