How do I do voice to text?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 and am using Anywhere as my default text messaging app. I hope this isn’t one of those “dumb questions”, I’m gonna ask it anyway.
I want to send text messages using only my voice to initiate the text, create the message and send it. I’m unable to find any answers on this. Can you help me? Seems like this should be a very basic operation.
Thank you for your help.

Hi @daves.t3flsk,

Interacting with the phone without touching it at all requires an “always listening” app that reacts to a trigger, like the Google Assistant that responds to commands initiated with “Ok Google.” Most Android phones have Google Assistant built in, but require that a screen with the Google search bar be displaying in order for it to listen.

Samsung includes another virtual assistant called “Bixby” on their phones, and it appears that it has the capacity to do what you want. You can learn more from the Samsung website, here:

Maybe @billg or one of our other experienced Samsung users would have some pointers for you.

Just now, on my Samsung S8, without touching the phone, I said "OK Google, send a text message to Sarah XXX. The phone asked for the message and I said “this is a test.” The phone asked if I wanted to send it or edit it. I said cancel. Sarah XXX is in my contact list.

I can also call but not text Sarah XXX from any of the Amazon Echo devices in my home by saying Alexa, call Sarah XXX… In this case Alexa spoofs my cell number but does not actually use my cell phone for the call.

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Thanks @billg,
Was the phone screen off (sleeping)?

Yes, the phone screen was off. I believe the phone was unlocked because I’m at home and it is unlocked by location. I have it configured to be unlocked on my body, at home, at my SO’s condo and in my car.

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Thank you Southpaw. That answers my question. I was hoping to not have to use Google or Bixby. I understand the process better now.
I appreciate you (and the others) being available to educate and help.

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