How do I enter a password for WI-FI hotspot?


Trying to set up my WI-FI hotspot. The window " Set up WI-FI hotspot" does not provide a place to put in a password. Where and or how do I do this? THX.

Before turning this feature on, you’ll want to set up your phone as a WiFi hotspot by giving your hotspot a name and password.

Tap Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.

Set Up Hotspot SSID.png

Tap on the Network name field to enter a name for your hotspot.
Set Up Hotspot Password.png
Scroll down a little and tap on the Password field to enter a password for your hotspot. Once you’ve entered a password, tap SAVE.

This will ensure that only the people you give the password to can connect to your phone as a hotspot.



You didn’t tell us which phone you have or which plan you are on. Do you meet the requirements mentioned in this document:




Your phone should be capable to be used as a hotspot if the window opens and you must name your hotspot (Enter SSID, Save) first. Then you’ll be able to enter password, Save. That’s what I recall after doing the same a couple of months ago.


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