How do i figure out the status of my help ticket?


Activated my new phone 4 days ago and still have no cell service, even though i purchased plenty of data. I have tried all of the troubleshooting tips i could find (and ones that were recommended to me from this wonderful online community) to no avail. I submitted a help ticket and got one reply with a request for more information. I provided the requested info and have heard nothing. How long can I anticipate it will be? is there some better way to check the status of my ticket (# 1288214)? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @melissap.zvcb8y,

I’m sorry to read that you’ve experienced an extended wait time. Please allow me a few minutes to check on your ticket.

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Hi @melissap.zvcb8y,

I’ve checked on your ticket. Again, I apologize that you’ve had an extended wait with no response. I can see that after your response yesterday afternoon, there was further research into your situation and your ticket has been escalated to a priority queue for proper handling. The agent to whom it has been assigned should be in touch with you early this afternoon.

I’m sorry there was no communication letting you know about the research and escalation, but it is on the proper track to make sure the situation is resolved.

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