How do I find my hidden number?


I think my Republic Wireless service uses t-mobile. I have a Samsung S7 phone. Is there a way to see my hidden number?


Please see the following:

Please be aware that the link mentioned on the above page no longer works, but the instructions have been preserved.


If you have a Samsung phone there are two methods; cheap and elegant ($2) and less elegant but free: Install Signalcheck Pro. Open SignalCheck Pro. Tap three dots upper right. Tap System Shortcuts. Tap Radio Info. Read and heed Warning message, then tap OK. The Phone number displayed is your secondary number. Tap the Home button to exit Device info. Sig…

If you think the phone is CDMA use this method
Open the Dialer (Phone app).
Dial ##4636##
You’ll see a Testing menu.
Tap Phone information.
The Phone number displayed is your secondary number.
Unless you’re familiar with it, I suggest refraining from further exploring the Testing menu.
Tap the Home button to dismiss the information screen.


Hi @bocephous,

To the best of my knowledge, *#4636#*#* doesn’t work on any Samsung phone (whether provisioned for GSM or CDMA). The previously referenced methods work (as far as I know) for all Samsung phones regardless of provisioning.


I think it is also worth mentioning that the carrier number is largely useless now. As it no longer accepts SMS, this is not a viable workaround for services that don’t accept your primary Republic number.


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