How do I find my Republic Wireless PIN number?


I need to find my Republic Wireless PIN number. I have been a subscriber for a bit more than four years to your refund plan.


See here for details regarding your RW PIN


Hi @beckyp.83mbwy,

Thank you for being a Republic Wireless member for 4 years. We’re always sad to see a longtime member leave. Can you tell us a little about why you’ve decided to move your service elsewhere?


Rest assured that I have appreciated your service. However, for where I live, I cannot get text messages from our emergency dispatch. I need to receive the texts, because I am a volunteer member of our local fire company and an EMT. With the service that I am going to, I can get texts for emergencies. This saves me from having to carry my pager.

THANKS and best wishes,


Hi @beckyp.83mbwy

Is this an Email-to-sms service that isn’t working with your Republic phone?

Republic does support that but there are some things you need to do to get that to work.

ETA:. How to Enable the Email to SMS feature – Republic Help


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