How do I find my service lines zip code

I am trying to find the zip code my sim card in my Motorla G5plus is registered to. I can’t use phone because it has broken power button and I cannot turn it on. I can not find this information on website under my account details. If I open a help ticket will Republic furnish me this information?

Are you trying to move your number to another carrier? If so, you don’t need the ZIP code, you can use anything for ZIP code and it won’t impact the transfer. See: How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless – Republic Help

Yes. Sprint porting department keeps telling me that Republic keeps sending them errors “on wrong service zip code” and will not authorize port until correct zip is given. I have read linked article several times. So, you recommend I call back Sprints porting department and tell them just to submit my account number and pin number and leave my address and last four digits of my social security field blank?

OK, that’s a different issue that requires you to get help from the support team. Open a ticket and let them know that you’re getting a failed port on ZIP code and they’ll be able to help.

Thanks for response. I have a ticket that has been open 48 hrs. already, thats why I brought my question to the community. Guess I’ll try to remain patient.

Hi @andrewm.fj4bix,

Your ticket was escalated to the partner company that manages our phone numbers and processes the porting requests. I’ve looked in on both your ticket in our system and the porting ticket to try to make sure both teams are aware that you remain eager for a response at the earliest opportunity.

Did you get a replacement phone that’s not compatible with Republic Wireless, or is there some other reason you’re leaving us?

My Motorola G5plus has broken power button so I needed to upgrade. I got a $400 discount on a much better phone if I activated with Sprint and since they are offering $25 unlimited data plan I could’nt pass up deal. I believe my sim is registered to my next zip code a town over from me because thats the only way I could get Republic to send me the correct sim kit for my moto…just need a person to verify this zip code 43566…sound simple really, figured out problem in my head last night. Called Sprint to have them resubmit the request this morning, but they said your ofices (or subcontractors) closed until Monday.

Thanks for the reasoning. That does sound like an attractive offer.

It looks like it’s going to turn out to be a very different Zip code - an odd situation I’m going to keep an eye on. Once our team follows up with you, you’ll need to ask Sprint to completely cancel the port request, and once the cancellation is complete, resubmit it as new. Simply updating the existing request will fail.

The porting process is entirely automated, so a port can be submitted outside of business hours.

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Can I submit the request with just account number and pin? I read help article somewhere that was saying thats all that is needed. This is urgent. Sprints deal ends in four days and I need a mobile phone for my business. I don’t have faith that your team will follow up with me in four days (it’s been two already and we are in weekend now, so I assume they arent working). My understanding is it takesup to 72hrs for port to complete once it is accepted on your end so I am running out of time on offer.

Hi @andrewm.fj4bix,

No. You will need the information you have requested in your ticket. You will get a reply this afternoon. We have staff working, and if they don’t get a reply to you shortly, I will take the ticket over and handle it myself.

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Thanks so much. Remember my old phone is broke so I can’t recieive phone calls or texts on my number. Any contact must be through this fourm thread, my help ticket, or email.

Hi @andrewm.fj4bix,

I see one of our agents has replied in your ticket. Please let me know if you need any further help.

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It looks like they provided the right solution. Sprint porting specialist said request was accepted and it might take 4hrs. for the port to go through since VOIP is considered a landline. So it looks like success. I will close the ticket once the port goes through. I sincerely appreciate all your help.


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