How do I find my total minutes used? Total texts?

With unlimited talk+text, and being on wifi 90% of the time, I don’t keep track of how many minutes or texts I use and I have for the last 3 years. I need like to know my historic usage levels in order to price out potential alternative services. All I can find is the call/text log cdrs. I thought I could perform the tedious task of manually tallying up my usage from the logs, but most of the calls placed over wifi (most of my calls) have no duration record in the logs.

Does RW or my phone (moto g 1st gen) track either minutes used or texts/mms sent?

RW doesn’t publish this information and with unlimited calling and texting there is no need for them to do so. Perhaps they could extract the information you want from their logs but asking them to facilitate your shopping for a different carrier isn’t something they would want to spend time ($$$) doing.

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  • You can use the 'I want to/View Calls and Messages to see existing CDR available on a monthly basis within the Account
  • Top right you will see … click this then click the
  • This will create an Excel readable cvs file … unfortunately you will need to convert the times listed like 22m 13s or 4h 2m 33 secs to seconds before summing the column … here you’re on your own, but Google or MREXCEL – Excel Tips & Solutions Since 1998 might help

I’ve already done that. I am proficient in excel, but the majority of my calls are via wifi and there is no duration listed for those calls.

Are you sure they were calls and not texts? Were the calls answered? Did the call immediately switch to cellular? All of my completed Wi-Fi calls have a duration. Texts and uncompleted Wi-Fi calls do not.

Yes I am sure they are calls, they are classified as calls in column B. I don’t recall any individual calls, but the majority of the calls are to/from my wife and they are listed as wifi with no duration. I tend to pick up for my wife and vice versa, so while I can’t recall all the individual calls, I find it hard to believe that we have that many incomplete calls between us this month, especially since they are not followed up by completed calls with durations listed. I have only checked the january log so far, but based on what I found I don’t think I’ll bother checking the rest. I cannot download the entire month at once either, it splits it up into cvs files with 250 rows each, so my january log is currently 4 separate files - I’m sure other months are longer.

Be aware that the CDR will reflect Cell if any portion of a call is over cell (due to system initiated or manual handover from WiFi to cell). So a 30 minute WiFi call that hands over to Cell the last 1 minute as you drive off to work will be logged a 30m Cell

I just looked at my calls log and it logs time duration for both cellular and wifi calls.

When I look at the calls log online…it shows the call duration in green between the phone number and icons for call direction and type. Do you see the call durations in green for your wifi calls?

Also, when I downloaded and looked at the CSV file it shows the corresponding call duration in minutes and seconds in column D.

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